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Cable Bahamas Group Offers A Closer Look At Their Women in Leadership

Get to know the trailblazing women shattering glass ceilings and defying expectations


Cable Bahamas Group of Companies celebrated International Womens Month with the launch of their Women In Leadership campaign.  March 24, 2022 marked the inauguration of this initiative designed by the Group to celebrate 10 of its most senior female executives and expand the conversation about gender parity at every level in the workplace. The company thought it was important, particularly at this time of year to make it a point to highlight the women within the organization who have each made history as the first female to occupy their position. A series of video clips highlighting these executive women are currently in circulation on television and social media, giving insight into their personal career journeys.

In todays story we shine the spotlight on two of these women, Mrs. Charnette Bullard-Thompson Vice President of Cable Bahamas Business Solutions and Ms. Gravette Brown Chief Aliv Innovator at Aliv Creates.

Mrs. Thompson began her career at Cable Bahamas joined Cable Bahamas in 2011, through its acquisition of SRG/ IndiGO Networks. Over the past 11 years she worked her way from sales representative, to manager, director and now Vice President, making her not only the first woman, but the first Bahamian to ever hold the position within the company.

Like other Women In Leadership at Cable Bahamas, Ive embraced every opportunity to increase my technical knowledge, improve customer service skills, and strengthen business relationships that enable me to co-create innovative solutions with our teams, customers and partners. Therefore, as my predecessors in executive sales roles were either male or expats, I am proud to be the first female VP of Sales at Cable Bahamas, and first VP of Business Solutions at Cable Bahamas, at a time when women in leadership are celebrated for the valuable knowledge, relationships, insights and skills that we bring to the table. In addition, I truly appreciate the women and men in my personal and professional life who invested in me along the way.

She credits her willingness to always continue learning with her success thus far. One thing I love about my job is that it forces me to be on my game in terms of learning about communications, mobile and fixed and cloud and all the other solutions that are coming into play and how they can help us to better develop the companies in our country.

When asked about her recipe for success she had this to say.

Its important to build relationships with mentors from different backgrounds to develop your personal, professional, spiritual and physical and financial life.Learn from every experience, as that knowledge or skill helps you to fail forward and be more resilient.Get into good trouble wherever you can!

Ms. Brown who joined initially worked with the Cable Bahamas Group as a consultant and later as Chief Business Developer at Aliv in 2016 she went on to be Chief Commercial Officer and now serves as Chief Aliv Innovator.

She credits her success in large part to Vision combined with Analysis, Optimismwhich is the basis for Resilience, and Execution Capacity.  All underpinned by the support of well supported Team.

She celebrated the ambition of the campaign but noted that she hopes initiatives like these will give way to broader acceptance of the idea that women belong in leadership. I think that in highlighting women in leadership, we also have an opportunity to NORMALIZE it.  We only shift the needle when more and more of our communities realize and acknowledge and no longer question that women should be in leadership. I hope humbly that I can serve as an example to others as a woman in leadership. Id like people to understand that a woman being in a position of leadership doesnt deny an opportunity to a man to be in leadership, its not a zero-sum game. We can all be in leadership. In fact, leadership makes its most successful impact when its getting input from all sections of society.

When asked what advice they would like to share with young women who aspire to lead, particularly in the fields of communication and technology they each had a unique perspective to share.

Mrs. Thompson had this to say, I would encourage any young woman looking to get into the field of technology to take every opportunity because you never know where the job opportunities will be in 3 or 5 years.

Ms. Brown concluded her thoughts with this.

My advice to young women would be to never rest on your laurels always be thinking about what is the next thing that you can do or need to learn.


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