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Climbing the Corporate Ladder at Cable Bahamas

David Burrows reflects on more than 26 years with the nations leader in telecoms.


David Burrows is a name that many would consider synonymous with the Cable Bahamas Brand and with good reason. Mr. Burrows joined the Cable Bahamas team on October 9th, 1996 as a marketing assistant, just one year after the companys inception. Since then he has moved through the ranks from assistant to coordinator, manager, director, head of marketing and product development, VP of Marketing and now VP of Media.

Davids journey is similar to several others within the executive leadership team at Cable Bahamas. A number of the companys current VPs started in entry level positions in the sales, marketing and customer service departments and have advanced to the highest levels of leadership. This is a testament to Cable Bahamascommitment to investing in its staff through training and leadership exercises and its willingness to promote from within the organization

When asked why hes enjoyed working for the Cable Bahamas Group for almost 30 years he noted, I love having the opportunity to impact an entire nation by being part of a company that I really believe, is building our nation. My work allows me the ability to shape our national culture by being a representative of such an influential company.

Despite being able to boast a long and decorated career in marketing and media, Mr. Burrows has no interest in slowing down. He is currently overseeing a plethora of new projects which are poised to take REV Media to the next level.  We have a number of incredible projects in the pipeline at REV Media. We are preparing to launch a full hour of news on OUR News for the first time since its inception. We are also planning to launch, a platform exclusively for OUR News where Bahamians can watch news live and get all the news updates they need in a centralized location.He also hailed the upcoming launch of GO 242, a channel dedicated to providing public information in real time on departures, arrivals and delays on airlines, mailboats and all forms of transportation in the nation, live traffic updates and more.

David believes that what sets Cable Bahamas apart from its competitors is its commitment to excellence, which is something he values in his personal life. Being committed to excellence means shifting peoples paradigm, doing the unexpected and disrupting the market to impact peoples lives in new and innovative ways which is something weve done consistently over the years.  I continually work on improving my art, my creativity, my acting, and my insights into human nature. This drives my excellence as well as I apply the my creativity in being a disrupter. Whether it’s at work, at home or in the theatre, my desire for excellence is relentless. I have held every marketing job at CBL from entry level all the way to VP because of my relentless drive for excellence.

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