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REVNET Mail Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for handling Customer Email messages in an efficient and responsible manner without negatively impacting the service provided to the customer. Mail handling is a very sensitive function as there is potential liability concerning areas of individual privacy. Cable Bahamas Ltd takes its responsibilities very seriously when delivering products and services to customers and will seek to ensure that policies outlined are strictly adhered to.


This Customer Mail Policy applies to all Cable Bahamas Ltd. customers who utilize its Customer Email Platform (CoralWave Pronto!). Wherever feasibly possible, the Cable Bahamas Ltd. Mail Administrators will create and establish policies consistent with the Industry Best Practices and Standards. Cable Bahamas Ltd. may from time to time update these policies in keeping with global international trends and standards.


(CoralWave Pronto!) is the platform used by Cable Bahamas Ltd to provide email service for its Internet subscribers. It is governed by a policy that is in keeping with and adheres to global standards pertaining to the use of email. Therefore, outlined in this policy is the acceptable use guidelines and the penalties for abuse of the policy.


Scanning Content

Cable Bahamas Ltd. reserves the right to protect its mail environment from harmful electronic threats. Therefore, all mail messages are scanned for viruses, malware, spam, etc. searches are used by all mail services as it also allows the user to be able to perform functions such as searches, sorting, forwarding, and other routine mail tasks.

Protection of Addresses

Cable Bahamas Ltd. does not share email addresses with other entities such as media organizations for the purposes of Internet Marketing.

Mail Security

Messages that are deemed harmful to the provider (Cable Bahamas Ltd) and/or its subscribers will be filtered and possibly deleted if it cannot be repaired without negatively impacting the mail environment.

Mail Handling:

  • Total amount of persons you can send to in one email: 100
  • Maximum amount of recipients per hour: 300
  • Maximum size for mail attachments is 15MB
  • Size limit of outgoing/incoming message:15MB

Mail Retention & Recovery

  • Email boxes will be marked inactive if not used for more than 6 months. At the 7th month of inactivity, the box will be permanently closed. The email address will be placed back in circulation after 30 days once the box has been closed. Mail messages, folders and preferences in a closed box will be purged after 30 days once the box has been closed.
  • All email in Trash Folders will be deleted after 7 days.
  • All email in Spam folders will be deleted after 10 days.
  • Customers should pull mail into client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail so that they always have a copy of their messages.
  • Cable Bahamas will perform tasks within reason to recover corrupt or accidentally deleted mailboxes. However, the customer is ultimately responsible for the backup and storage of the content in their mailboxes.



It is the responsibility of the subscriber that the Coralwave Email Platform (Pronto!) be used in accordance with the Cable Bahamas Ltd Acceptable Use Policy as well as the Customer mail Policy. Subscribers are provided with a state of the art email service as a feature of their Cable Bahamas Internet service.

It is the expectation of Cable Bahamas Ltd that the subscriber will use this mail platform for legal and legitimate use only and will avoid any action that will jeopardize any other user of the platform by spreading viruses, spamming, phishing, etc.


It is the responsibility of Cable Bahamas Ltd to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the mail platform is available to subscribers for use. Cable Bahamas Ltd will take any and all action necessary to enforce the policies governing the use of the email platform to ensure that subscribers receive the optimum benefit from the service.

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