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Felicity Johnson retires as VP of Legal & Corporate Secretary of Cable Bahamas Group

This summer, after an extraordinarily successful career within the telecommunications sector in the Bahamas , Felicity Johnson – Vice President for Legal and  Corporate Secretary for The Cable Bahamas Group of Companies will retire. Ms. Johnson joined the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies in 2015 and played an integral role in leading the group through the liberalization process which resulted in the launch  of Be Aliv Limited – the second mobile licensee in the Bahamas. During her time with CBL Group  Ms. Johnson  guided and led  the groups legal team , overseeing all legal and regulatory matters pertaining to REV, Aliv, Cable Bahamas Business Solutions and OUR TV.
Mr. Ross McDonald Chairman of the Groups Board of Directors  praised  Ms. Johnson on  her work with the companies during a farewell tribute. “During my time as chairman I worked closely with Felicity and came to appreciate her many skills and talents. She is the consummate professional. She is modest and unassuming in her manner with a dry sense of humor, but always provides insightful advice.
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