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Specific Terms And Conditions: Business Landline Services

These terms and conditions are divided into a general section that applies to every service, and then into service-specific terms and conditions. Please read the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and each section that applies to your service because all of the relevant terms will apply to you.


The conditions set out here must be incorporated into your contracts with your users. You will be held liable for any charges associated with the use of your services by your users.


1. Terms of use of business landline services:

a. The service is provided to you as a business and to your users for their use in terms of their contracts with you.

b. No one may use the service or a device for auto-dialling, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing (including, without limitation, charitable or political solicitation or polling), fax or voicemail broadcasting, or other similar activities unless they are in the course of and directly authorised by, the business.

c. No one may take any action that would result in or be intended to hack or disrupt the service.


2. Fraud: You understand that our products and services are not immune from unauthorized use or fraudulent intrusion and that third parties may commit toll fraud. In no event shall we be liable to you or your users for any claim relating in any way to unauthorized use of business landline or toll fraud.


3. Specific charging terms for voice telephony services:

a. The business may choose a plan of minutes and charges from the various offerings that we make available at the time you enter into this contract with us.

b. Different plans may be selected for different users within the business, with our permission.

c. If you or any of your users exceed the minutes in your selected plan you will be billed at the applicable rate per minute.


4. Emergency services: Emergency services may be accessed by dialling 911 or 919, however these services may not work:

a. in the event that clause 8(a) or (b) of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS applies; or

b. if you have moved your device without our permission; or

c. if you do not have power; or

d. if the address to which services are registered is not the same address that you are calling from; or

e. if your service has been disconnected, suspended or terminated under clause 11 of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


5. Directory services:

a. We will list your telephone number that corresponds to the service we are providing to you, on our website, free of charge.

b. If your number is listed on our website you may request us to remove it at any time by giving us notice in writing to

c. If your number is listed on our website it will be publicly available, and you may be at risk of spamming, or uninvited telephone calls, or another type of invasion of your privacy, but we will not be liable to you for the consequences of this listing. “Spamming” includes the use of electronic junk mail or unsolicited mail or contacting third parties without their permission.


October 2018
Revised June 2020

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