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Specific Terms And Conditions: Residential REVTV Services

These terms and conditions are divided into a general section that applies to every service, and then into service-specific terms and conditions.  Please read the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and each section that applies to your service because all of the relevant terms will apply to you.


1. Personal use:

a. This service is only for your use and the use of the people that you authorise to use the service.

b. The services sold to you under this contract are for your use and residential purposes only.

c. You should not connect this service or any device provided to enable you to access this service, to any other service or device that has not been provided by us. A device in this context will include a set top box and the terms and conditions apply equally to set top boxes.


2. Device(s) ownership and return:

a. In order to provide you with television services, we will make a device(s) available to you for rental for the duration of the contract.

b. This device(s) will remain our property and on termination of this contract for any reason, the device(s) must be returned to us in working condition.


3. Terms and conditions of use of the device(s):

a. All of the terms and conditions set out in clause 3 of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply to the device(s) referred to in this section.

b. We will require you to pay a security deposit in order to take delivery of the device(s) and prior to installation.

c. The device(s) may only be used to receive the signal distributed to the address indicated by you in your order, which may not be an address for a commercial business including a business that provides accommodation to third parties, or a multi-dwelling unit or complex with multiple rooms.

d. Third Party Devices – Cable Bahamas does not recommend, endorse or support the use of third party hardware not supplied by Cable Bahamas.


4. Terms and conditions of use of the services:

a. It is forbidden to use the services in any way that may endanger children, or to use the services or allow the services to be used to expose them to disturbing and harmful materials including adult experiences. We recommend that you do not allow your children to use cable TV services unsupervised.

b. REVTV has an acceptable use policy which you must comply with when you use the services, and you can find this here.

c. In general, your use of the services must accord with the moral standards in The Bahamas that would generally be considered to not run counter to the public interest.

d. We may apply additional terms to packages that you choose from time to time, which terms may result in a change from the programmes or channels included in a package, or the prices for additional programmes or channels that may be added to the package from time to time.


5. Cable installation requirements:

a. In order to install the cable connection to connect the device to the service at your premises, we will need:

i. to connect one or more cables to a ground reference, which may be integrated into your electrical supply point; and

ii. if we cannot identify a suitable location within your electrical supply point we will need to install a separate ground electrode on your premises.

b. In all cases the installation of the cable and connection point must not be disconnected or damaged by you.

c. In addition, we are not liable for damage caused to the cable or the electrical supply point to which it is connected as a result of power surges, outages, storms or work carried out on your electrical supply by third parties.


6. Blackouts

a. We provide various channels to you over this service. The channels we provide to you may depend on the package you have selected and the price you are willing to pay.

b. However, not all content on a channel is guaranteed. Blackouts are controlled by various leagues, associations, and networks that maintain the rights to broadcast certain content (“Vendors”) and we must adhere to these restrictions to protect the agreements that enable us to deliver our existing channel line-up.

c. We will be required by Vendors to blackout certain events – in other words we may not be authorised to broadcast these events.

d. We are not responsible for any refunds due as a result of a blackout. We may attempt to insert programming however, this may not always be possible.


7. Charges:

a. You are required to make payment of the security deposit and any charges associated with the installation and the first month’s charges in advance, prior to installation.

b. We will invoice you at the time you place your order with us. Thereafter you will be responsible for payment of the monthly charges.

c. We offer what we call “premium” services which are services that attract a higher charge. We will charge you for the use of premium services for the specific time period that you use the premium services.

September 2018
Revised June 2020

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