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Tracey Boucher – VP Engineering and Technology

Tracey Boucher began her Career in telecommunications in the early 1990s. Over time, Mrs. Boucher played an integral role in the development and implementation of Mobile Networks and the launch of services related to Wireless Applications and Carrier Roaming, along with the designing network strategies and proactive upgrades and enhancements on fixed and wireless networks.

Tracey has spent many years developing her career in Engineering, attending seminars around the globe and, networking with colleagues, locally and internationally. Her desire to know more about technology continued to grow as time went by, with Tracey branding her name and developing a footprint within the global Telecoms industries by sharing and networking with other industry professionals worldwide.

A graduate of Sojourner Douglas, with a degree in Information System Administration, Tracey has pursued and attained multiple technical certifications related to Networks along with obtaining an Executive Leadership certification at Cornell University.

Tracey joined the Aliv team in early 2017 and lead a dynamic team of young engineers providing technical expertise and leadership. Her portfolio expanded to Director of Engineering, with the integration of REV & ALIV Engineering Teams. She now serves as Vice President, where she will be accountable for the visionary oversight and leadership of the technical teams that manage the backbone infrastructure and topologies of Cable Bahamas Group of Companies. She has worked closely with all the technical teams at Rev & Aliv to expand growth in the subscriber base and deployments throughout The Bahamas.

Tracey is a mother of 2 children and an active member of The Bahamas Society of Engineers. She serves as a leader at Christ Community Church, where she works with girls and young adults in the art of dance. She has invested quality time and impacted many lives as she mentored young girls into adulthood.

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