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Cable Bahamas Business Solutions and the CBL Ltd., Human Resources Join Forces to Support PMH Fun, Run, Walk Event

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions (CBBS) and Cable Bahamas Ltd., Human Resources Department
proudly announce their enthusiastic participation and support for the annual PMH Fun, Run, Walk
event, which took place on Saturday, July 15th.

The PMH Fun, Run, Walk event, organized by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, aimed to
promote health and wellness within the community while raising much-needed funds to enhance
patient care at the Princess Margaret Hospital. The event attracted participants, including residents,
businesses, and health enthusiasts, who came together to show their commitment to a healthier and
more vibrant Bahamas.

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions, the leading provider of cutting-edge telecommunication solutions for
businesses in the Bahamas, recognizes the significance of community engagement and actively
contributes to various initiatives that foster the well-being of its fellow Bahamians. By supporting the
PMH Fun, Run, Walk, CBBS aimed to make a positive impact on healthcare accessibility and
advancements for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

“Cable Bahamas Business Solutions is proud to be part of the PMH Fun, Run, Walk event”, said
Charnette Thompson, Vice President of B2B Innovations. “We believe in supporting our corporate
partners and giving back to the community while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Princess
Margaret Hospital plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of our citizens, and we are honored to
support this noble cause.”

The Human Resources Department within Cable Bahamas Ltd., and Group of Companies, is equally
committed to the well-being of the community and recognizes the importance of supporting local
events. As a testament to the unwavering commitment to the community, the company actively
encourages its employees to engage in philanthropic endeavors.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the PMH Fun, Run, Walk event,” stated Edward Duncombe, Vice
President of Human Resources at Cable Bahamas Ltd. and Group of Companies. “Community
leadership is one of our core values at CBL Ltd., and I firmly believe that as leaders, we have a
responsibility to actively contribute to the well-being of our community. The PMH Fun, Run, Walk event
aligns perfectly with our values of promoting health and wellness, and I am proud to stand alongside my
colleagues to support this meaningful cause.”

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions along with the HR division of the Group not only showed up for this
exciting event but also showed out. Team members took home a reward for the corporate partner with
the most participants. Additionally, the Group of Companies participants took home trophies for the
competitive run and walk segments of the race.

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions along with the HR division of the group would like to express their
gratitude to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation for organizing this wonderful event and extend
their appreciation to all staff members who came out to support.

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