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Cable Bahamas CIO Dwayne Davis: An Unconventional Leader Shaping the Digital Transformation of the Bahamas

The Cable Bahamas Group Continues its Committed to Excellence Campaign with a spotlight on its executive team.


Dwayne Davis Chief Information Officer for Cable Bahamas Ltd. joined the Cable Bahamas Group in 2016 as the first person hired by the then brand new startup company,  Aliv. I can recall that I and then CEO Damian Blackburn sat down with some folding chairs and an empty table and got to work. Thats how Aliv began.Since then Mr. Davis has established himself as a critical fixture in the framework of the nations newest mobile provider and by extension  the entire Cable Bahamas Group.

Mr. Davis believes that his experiences as a long time technology professional in businesses of all sizes and as an entrepreneur have offered him a balanced view of the industry that informs the way he leads his team. I am very unconventional. I still have traditional values like accountability, teamwork and respect but Im unconventional in the fact that I dont believe in micromanaging. I expect more proactive than reactive thinking from the people I work with and I give them the space and resources they need to execute. I also believe in having a balance between work and family.

Mr. Davis noted that he believes the confidence and freedom he instills in his teams have helped them thrive and build out one of the most sophisticated telecoms companies in the region. When it comes to technology, we are undoubtedly one of the most advanced companies in the country. With the advent of COVID back in 2020 we were able to go from work to home pretty seamlesslyWe are definitely on the cutting edge as it relates to technology in the country.

Dwayne is currently being featured as part of the Committed to Excellence campaign which highlights the diverse group of professionals in senior leadership at the Cable Bahamas Group. When asked on his thoughts on being part of the initiative he shared, We have a solid team. When you look at who sits around the table you have people from all different backgrounds, even different countries. We have an excellent team. We drive each other. Everyone knows their groove, we get along well not just as professionals but socially as well. I love working for the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies.

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