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Cable Bahamas Group and Corporate Partners Give Hope for All Season’s to Seven Deserving Families

Working together to make a more significant impact in the community we serve


Cable Bahamas Group of Companies is devoted to being the most trusted provider of communication services. We honor this commitment not just by the high caliber of solutions we offer to our customers, but also by giving back to the communities we serve. This pledge is a cornerstone of our company’s culture and a driving factor of why we continue to support families and the communities throughout The Bahamas.

We forge meaningful partnerships that help make tangible differences because we know and understand that together we can make a more significant impact in the community and in the lives of the people we help.

This was evident during our Christmas 2021 “Hope for the Holidays” campaign, where the Cable Group of Companies partnered with local NGO’s and corporate companies that included Bahamas Harvest Church, Lowe’s Wholesale Ltd., IslandPay Ltd. Coca-Cola and RF Bank & Trust.  During this initiative, executives from the media conglomerate and each of the corporate sponsors helped to bring ‘hope’ to seven families who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   Collectively they came together to spread the holiday cheer with deliveries of Christmas trees, gifts, appliances and electronics to the deserving families in an effort help make their holiday season a little brighter and more joyful.  

Pastor Mario Moxey of Bahamas Harvest Church commented “What started as a Christmas gesture, Hope for The Holidays, has evolved from something seasonal to something stately, Hope for All Seasons.  Many of the guardians responded to the need at hand, they responded with their heart with no regard to how they will be able to provide for the extra mouths that they would have to feed. It is this selfless act of kindness that has captured our hearts and the hearts of our corporate partners.  During these times of uncertainty, it is an incredible blessing that Cable Bahamas Group, Aliv, Lowe’s Wholesale, Island Pay, Coca-Cola, and Super Value have combined their hearts and wallets in meeting the basic needs of these families. What’s even more important is the level of personal engagement that these partners are willing to commit themselves from making themselves available to providing jobs for the children who are of age.  

We are grateful for their corporate sensitivity to those in our community whose lives have uproot and spun into turmoil because they have lost both parents. We thank them for the demonstration of love through their giving and support of these families.”

Today, Cable Bahamas Group and partners have recommitted to expand their support and bring “Hope for All Season’s” to these families.  This includes a combined donation of $20 Thousand Dollars to be distributed to the families that will help ensure that they receive the critical support and resources needed to buy food, medication, and other necessities.    

“Our commitment to the communities we service has always been an important value of our company,” said President and CEO Franklyn Butler.  “Everything we do is built on the purpose of building a better tomorrow.  I am proud of the work we are doing and honored to work alongside other corporate partners who are also committed to help positively impact lives and create meaningful change within the community.”

With the greatest collective need for the families being groceries and food supplies, Super Value, The Bahamian Grocery Supermarket stepped up to support this effort without hesitation.  In addition to their financial contribution, they will offer double coupons through their quality stamp rewards program throughout the week.  This will allow the families to save more for their household needs and receive cash back and money off their next purchase.

Through this Quality Stamp Program, every $5 dollars that is spent generates one stamp and every stamp card filled with 12 stamps is equivalent to a dollar value off your next purchase.  

“We give back to our customers,” said President and CFO Debra Symonette.  “We are passionate about supporting these types of initiatives that help our shoppers and our neighbors.   Super Value has always been committed to assisting the needy. The pandemic has increased the number of families that are in need and has heightened our awareness of the urgency for corporate Bahamas to “step up to the plate” and partner with one another to “be our brothers’ keepers”.  Cable Bahamas has presented an opportunity for us to do just that, and it is indeed a pleasure for us to seize this opportunity. If everyone who is able to do it, would help at least one needy family we would see a change. So, it is our hope that this is just the beginning of a movement towards changing the world to be a better place for all to live in.”  

Managing Director, Jeffrey Beckles, shared similar sentiments noting “Island Pay Group Ltd. is so proud to be a part of this effort started out of a desire to help struggling families at Christmas time.  Now that we are extending this effort through the year, it speaks volumes about our partners and companies they represent.  We are not the first corporate partners to give, but we are certainly blazing the trail when it comes to several corporate partners joining forces in a sustained effort.

Island Pay and our associates are looking forward to using our various digital products to bring help to these families while at the same time, helping them understand how to use digital tools to improve their daily lives.  We are thrilled to open digital wallets for each of our families and look forward to working with Cable Bahamas Group and the other partners here in Nassau and The Family Islands.

“At the Caribbean Bottling Company, we think that it is paramount that we support our fellow Bahamians and the communities that we serve. The past few years have been exceptionally challenging, and there are men, women and children who are grappling with unimaginable circumstances right now. For this reason, when we got the call from Cable Bahamas to support the “Hope for All Seasons” initiative, we didn’t hesitate to come on board. Hope is a powerful force, and we will continue to support community outreach programs that directly impact those who need it most.” – Nikia Wells, Communications Marketing Manager, Caribbean Bottling Company.

William Cash, Managing Director of Lowe’s Wholesale Ltd. also commented, “We are delighted to serve as partners with the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies and join in with their efforts in assisting with families in need.  At Lowe’s Wholesale, we sincerely believe in being our brother’s keeper and uplifting the communities and people we serve.”  

The Hope for All Season’s campaign will provide funding to the seven families through to the end of October 2022.

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