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Cable Bahamas Group Emergency Response Protocol Deactivated after passing of Tropical Storm Laura

“Primary objective was to ensure the continuity of services across both Aliv and REV.”


The Cable Bahamas Group activated their emergency response protocol on Friday, August 21st at 2pm as Tropical Storm Laura was forecasted would impact the archipelago. According to COO, John Gomez, “Our primary objective was to ensure the continuity of services across both Aliv and REV during the passing of the storm and the quick and efficient restoration of any impacted services.”

Gomez continued, “We are pleased with the team’s mobilization response once we activated the emergency response protocol. Our technical and operational teams met to ensure the efficacy and security to the Aliv and REV networks and our teams stood ready for any necessary deployment.”

The Executive expressed relief that the islands were not impacted by the passing of the storm. “Storms are unpredictable and we have only to look to the last several years to know how vital it is to remain prepared for any effect that a storm can have anywhere in our archipelago. We wish to assure our subscribers that the CBL Group will continue to keep a watchful eye on the tropics as we enter into the more active phase of the hurricane season.”

The public is encouraged to tune in to OURNews daily for all national news and weather on channel 212, or live on and to visit the following media sites for all Aliv and REV updates:



Founded in March 1995, CBL Group has grown from a cable TV service provider to become the first communications provider in The Bahamas to offer ‘triple play’ service. Today, the 100% Bahamian owned company is publicly listed on BISX with over 2,200 Bahamian shareholders. The network is comprised of 14 free-to-air broadcast systems, eight stand-alone cable TV systems and four triple play systems networked by submarine fibre. CBL Group is the only 100% Bahamian owned communications provider, delivering residential and corporate broadband internet, cable television and fixed line calling, to 99% of the Bahamian population, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CBL Group is also the controlling shareholder in BeALIV Limited the second mobile licensee in The Bahamas and owns 48.25% of the common stock of the company.  CBL Group is led by Franklyn A Butler II – the first Bahamian Group CEO & President.

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