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Cable Bahamas Group of Companies Shatters Glass Ceilings

Recognizing Executive Women in Leadership who standout in the company and community


It’s no secret that women have traditionally faced greater barriers than men when it comes to fully participating in the economy. Across geographies and income levels, disparities between men and women persist in the form of pay gaps, unequal opportunities for advancement in the workplace, and unbalanced representation in corporate organizations.  

With a lack of gender parity in senior leadership roles across most organizations, Cable Bahamas Group remains committed in supporting and celebrating women in senior executive positions.  With the most recent launch of the Women In Leadership campaign, the company continues to support and honor influential women within the organization who have helped to shape and lead teams. This is evident through the more than half of key executives within the group being women who now hold senior executive roles including vice presidents of the major business divisions.  

CEO and Cable Group of Companies President, Franklyn Butler noted, “We are committed to enhancing gender balance within our organization and supportingfemale representation has been high on our agenda.   We acknowledge the value of gender diversity—particularly in the workplace. Understanding that women bring different perspectives and approaches to business and provide opportunities for greater innovations, company performance and overall positive experiencesfor our customers.

In addition to the launch of the Women in Leadership initiative, the leader in connected lifestyles and experiences continues to drive equality through the implementation of the High Heels in High Places mentoring program.   This program has been designed to guide and inspire women within the Group of Companies at varying stages of their careers, helping to create a stronger career pipeline.  Additionally, it recognizes and rewards women within the community who are making a distinguishable and positive impact.  

The goal through our mentoring program is to offer the mentees a network of sustainable relationships that will provide guidance, support and meaningful connections, said Jennifer Basden, Public Relations Manager for the Cable Group of Companies.  These young women will be matched to work one-on-one with executive leadership to deepen their industry knowledge and gain professional development skills needed to thrive and excel in the workplace.

Vice President of Human Resources, Beverly Saunders also commented, These women are a source of inspiration, encouragement and support to other women and to each other every day. We know and understand what we are up against as leaders in a competitive market with demanding customers who deserve and expect the best in products and service.  This is our focus, and we work hard to deliver.  We push for a higher standard of excellence in all we do”.

The Cable Group of companies is proud to feature and highlight their female executives for the full month of March as we celebrate Women In Leadership.

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