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Cable Bahamas Honors its Diverse Group of Men in Leadership with Committed to Excellence Campaign

Telecoms conglomerate celebrates dynamic and diverse group of unconventional leaders


When it comes to championing diversity and inclusion, the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies is leading the way. Earlier this year the group presented the Women in Leadership campaign, a tribute to shattering glass ceilings with the introduction of its first executive leadership team comprised of more than fifty percent women. This new team not only includes a record number of women but also leaders from age demographics ranging from Millennials to Boomers, proof that the nations leading communications provider is committed to diversity in the workplace at every level, starting from the top.

The Cable Bahamas Group continues to drive opportunities to create an inclusive and equitable culture,said Franklyn Butler, President & CEO of the Cable Bahamas Group.  We understand the need to navigate business challenges that impact different types of people differently, so we rely on a broad range of perspectives, experiences, and skillsets at the forefront of our business. The composite strength of our varied group of leaders is what creates a cumulative level of excellence.

In honor of this collective excellence the CBL Group has launched a new campaign in partnership with Island Pay and Bahamas Harvest Church called Committed to Excellence highlighting the men within the organization of varying expertise and backgrounds who work collaboratively to build the Cable Bahamas brand and the community at large.

Mr. Butler noted. Our progressive approach towards our investments in technical advancements have allowed us to boast best in class technology. But, our investment in people is what establishes us as the nations definitive leader in connected lifestyles and experiences. It is our desire to create a culture of excellence for our team members as professionals, but also as individuals. Im pleased to see that in this case it is being both recognized and rewarded.

As part of the Committed to Excellence campaign the CBL group is sharing the stories of the men who help keep the company thriving. They are also treating them to a special golf day and luncheon at the Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar and Royal Blue Tavern. Further, the team is using this opportunity to pay it forward by inviting a select group of high school aged young men to join the group for an afternoon of mentorship.

SVP of Government and Community Relations at Baha Mar Mr. Robert SandySands noted, We are very happy to host the Cable Bahamas Group as part of their Committed to Excellence campaign. The tenets of this campaign, excellence in service, diversity and innovative leadership align with many of our core values at Baha Mar. It is the Baha Mar Resort Foundations pleasure to have them enjoy all that Royal Blue has to offer.

The Cable Bahamas Group have also included Mr. Jeffery Beckles Managing Director of Island Pay and Pastor Mario Moxey, Lead Pastor at Bahamas Harvest Church as the group has worked closely with both gentlemen and organizations on a number of community centric campaigns in recent months.

Mr. Beckles shared his thoughts on the initiative stating, Several months ago, we began a journey with like minded corporate partners to bring hope to several families over the holidays. Then we realized that we needed to evolve from thinking about the needs of our families only during the holidays and our efforts evolved into hope for all seasons. Today, we are not only putting our corporate resources to good use, but we are raising the bar by adding our time to the mix. If we are going to have better communities, build a better country, it is going to take our resources yes, but it requires our time

Pastor Moxey furthered Mr. Beckles sentiments noting Many of the innovations we see driving our society today came as result of exposure bridged by unmatched dedication to impart knowledge and know how, which is consistent with Bahamas Harvest Churchs youth Ministries motto: Wed rather build boys and girls than repair men and women.Our partnership with Cable Bahamas is a true embodiment of this vision and cause for united national celebration as we witness our youth come into their God given purpose on this earth.

Members of the public can look out for special video features on each of the honorees on social media, and on television on REV Media.

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