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Cable Bahamas Initiates Disaster Management Plan

“Teams stand ready for any necessary deployment”

NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS (Thursday, September 7th)
— Cable Bahamas COO, John Gomez assured subscribers and the public that the nation’s leading communications Company is closely monitoring Hurricane Irma as it tracks towards The Bahamas. “Our primary objective is to ensure the continuity of services across all business entities (i.e. video, broadband/circuits, fixed-line voice and national data centers) during the passing of the system and the quick and efficient restoration of impacted services.”

According to Gomez, “The Company initiated its business continuity plans on Sunday, September 3rd, as Hurricane Irma’s forecasted path indicated a potential impact on the archipelago. Our emergency response protocol includes but is not limited to, the following:

  • Activation of CBL Command Centre.
  • Implementation of our communication plans to ensure effective communications with our customers, and all key stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that all building facilities are secured.
  • Distribution of essential equipment and materials to various islands.
  • Deployment of personnel to various islands to expedite restoration of impacted network.
  • Testing and servicing of standby and portable generators with surplus fuel stored onsite and arrangements in place with fuel operator for replenishing when required.
  • Notifying key support contractors/vendors of approaching hurricane to be on standby to provide remote assistance if necessary.
  • Establishing contacts and protocols with NEMA, power companies and other agencies.

We have an extensive network that extends from Inagua in the southeast Bahamas to Grand Bahama in the northwest. We have only to look to the impact that Hurricane Matthew had on the country last year, to know how vital it is to remain prepared for any effect that a storm/hurricane like this can have anywhere in our archipelago.”

Gomez further stated that, “our technical and operational teams have met and are ensuring the efficacy and security to the network. Teams stand ready for any necessary deployment should and when the need arise.” CBL continues to work closely with NEMA, utility providers and our other agencies and partners during this period.

The executive continued, “On behalf of CBL we apologize for any disruption of services you may experience due to Hurricane Irma.  Please be assured that our teams are fully prepped and ready to work diligently to restore services as quickly as practically possible.”

The Company wishes to remind the general public that they can receive daily hurricane updates on OURNews, channel 212 and social media pages and encourages the public to follow these pages for updates and advisory messages related to Hurricane Irma.

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