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Cable Bahamas Supports Inaugural SDG Youth Propel Award at the UN/BDB SDG Partnership Forum

In a significant stride towards fostering sustainable development, the 2nd Annual United Nations (UN)/Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Partnership Forum convened with the theme, “From Words to Action: Fashioning a Sustainable Future.” The event witnessed participation from nearly 100 representatives from the government, civil society, youth and private sector.

During the forum, the Hon. Philip Davis, K.C., Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, emphasized the urgency of action to propel the progress that has been elusive for a considerable period. He stated, “Action is what is needed. It is needed to drive the progress that has eluded us for far too long. As we set goals, we must move beyond ‘good ideas’ and keep sight of the practical reality and challenges so that ultimately we can ensure the sustainable impact of those goals.” He further advocated for cooperative action as a vital catalyst for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in The Bahamas.


Adding to the discourse, the Vice President of Consumer Solutions and Marketing at Cable Bahamas underscored the pivotal role Cable Bahamas plays in fostering connectivity, empowering communities, and serving as a conduit for knowledge and innovation, all of which form the bedrock of sustainable development.


Cable Bahamas proudly stepped forward as the first sponsor for the Inaugural SDG Propel Award at the SDG Partnership Forum, an initiative designed to spotlight youth advocates making meaningful contributions in their communities. Ms. Carey, representing Cable Bahamas, remarked, “Our dedication to these ideals is evident in our past and ongoing contributions to the communities in which we serve. Notably, as the proud donor of the inaugural SDG Youth Propel Award for this year’s SDG Partnership Forum, we recognize and support the brilliance, enthusiasm, and potential of our youth. Their ideas, their innovations, and their voices will sculpt the future, and it is our duty to provide them with the tools and platforms to thrive.”


This year, the prestigious award celebrated the efforts of Kevanté Cash, Liam Miller, and Wildaphenie Fils-Aíme, who were honored as the recipients of the Sustainable Development Goals Propel Youth Award. Presented by Cable Bahamas in collaboration with the Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) and the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office (UNRCO), the award aims to bolster the impactful social, economic, environmental, and/or civic activities that the recipients are actively engaged in. Cable Bahamas remains committed to nurturing the potential of the youth and fostering a sustainable future.

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