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CBL/ MOT Smart Port/ Downtown WiFi

Aliv Business, the leading technology and telecommunications company in The Bahamas, announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Ministry of Tourism Investments & Aviation (MOTIA) and Department of Information & Communication Technology (DICT) for the Smart City Pilot project. This collaboration with the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies marks a significant step towards transforming the New Providence downtown area with cutting-edge high-speed WiFi internet services.

John Gomez, CAO of Aliv, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “I am delighted to stand before you today as the CEO of Aliv, a company deeply committed to advancing connectivity, culture, and innovation in The Bahamas.”

Over the past few years, Aliv Business and the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies have demonstrated their commitment to community development through initiatives such as ‘WiFi in the Parks,’ support for Junkanoo, and the facilitation of the Public Service Professional Engagement Programme.

The Nassau Smart Port project, managed by Aliv Business, is poised to revolutionize the downtown area by providing residents and visitors alike with seamless access to high-speed WiFi internet services. This initiative is not only a testament to the commitment of Aliv Business and Cable Bahamas Ltd. to technological innovation but also an example of successful public-private partnerships.

Gomez highlighted the comprehensive nature of the digital ecosystem, stating, “The platform is designed with advanced management software, in-depth reporting, targeted advertising services, and insightful data analytics. This holistic approach ensures a transformative experience for both residents and tourists.”

The project aims to enhance the overall visitor and local resident experience by providing access to online resources such as maps for exploring new places, information on historic landmarks, and recommendations for local shops or restaurants. This initiative aligns with the company’s vision of advancing digital transformation within the Bahamian landscape.

Gomez concluded his remarks by expressing pride in the partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, emphasizing its potential to contribute to both technological innovation and tourism development in The Bahamas. The Nassau Smart Port project represents a significant stride towards creating a more connected and technologically advanced community.

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