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Deborah- Burrows Miller celebrated as Woman in Technology by Cable Bahamas Group

Get to know the women at the heart of the IT and Engineering departments within the Cable Bahamas Group.

The Cable Bahamas Group of companies continue to shine the spotlight on thewomen who lead and support in the the fields on engineering and technology, the heartbeat of the nations leading telecoms provider.

So far the Women in Technologycampaign, has garnered lots of support from both internal and external stakeholders as it seeks to promote the women flourishing in careers in IT and Engineering as women currently account for a small fraction of the industry. The Cable Bahamas Group is doing what it can to serve as an ally for women in technology and help change that narrative by inspiring one young lady at a time.

The latest Women in Technologywithin the CBL group is Mrs. DeborahBurrows-Miller, a Senior Telecom Voice Engineer, who has been employed with the company for more than 10 years. 

During her more than decade-long career she has played an integral part in the testing of all hiQ/Nokia Siemens softswitch components, while working along with the various teams for the launch of CBLs inaugural voice product, now known REV Talk (formerly REVoice). She has also worked along with vendors, URCA and other service providers to implement and launch fixed and mobile number portability in the Bahamas in 2013 and 2017, respectively. She assisted in the planning of and then being highlighted in the Bahamasfirst Girls in ICT Day Event in 2015 a global event created to encourage careers in STEM for girls in high school.

She also played a significant role in Implementing new NXXs (telephone number codes), 605 and 606 for New Providence: completing all the testing along with BTC and long-distance carriers to ensure calls to and from them route correctly, both locally and internationally in 2021.

Mrs. Miller says she finds her work exciting. Theres always lots to do! Report compilation; meeting deadlines; training sessions; brainstorming on new initiatives; assisting  teams in resolving customer issues, and providing requested services in a timely manner to name a few items.

When asked what she found most rewarding about her work she said, Successfully completing a task; seeing it through from planning to execution and when it is delivered, being exactly what was required by all stakeholders, namely the customers who sign off on it!.

She had this advice to offer to women in technology, Stay current in your field, as technology is forever dynamic.  Complete all tasks in excellence no matter how small or who is or isnt watching you.  Be confident in your ability, but humble, and willing to ask for help when needed.  Love learning, and always be willing to share knowledge to help the team. Also, be a forward thinker; solutions driven.  Working methodically in an organized, defined manner which is efficient and can be clearly explained.  In essence, once you are adept in the work (platform, system, service, technology), then being a good project manager to execute it, are my keys for being a success.

Mrs. Miller said she was overjoyed to be included in the Cable Bahamas Groups Women in Technology initiative. I am amazed this initiative is taking on an even greater platform, moving from simply Girls in ICT Day to now showcasing thewomen working in engineering and technology to our colleagues, and the wider community. Cable Group is making it clear that they welcome skilled and talented team players in this field, regardless of their gender!

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