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Jerome Sawyer Hails Progressive Working Culture at Cable Bahamas Group

The Cable Bahamas Group Continues its Committed to Excellence Campaign with a spotlight on its executive team


In November 2019 the Cable Bahamas group proudly welcomed veteran journalist, Jerome Sawyer to its team as Executive Producer for OUR TV. Since then, Mr. Sawyer has enjoyed a rewarding journey of leadership and consistent growth while leading an enthusiastic team.

As a journalist, I get great fulfillment from telling great stories.  After 30 years I still get excited by reporting. But, as Executive Producer at OUR TV, I am able to share those skills and experiences with my team.  I love when I can see the growth and development in my team every day.  It inspires me. 

When asked what he finds most satisfying about working within the Cable Bahamas Group he shared, It’s a great working environment.  The way we do business, the level of engagement and the feeling that you are a part of a progressive company is a great motivator.  I appreciate the effort the company makes to share information with staff and the deliberate steps they take to hear employee feedback.  

Mr. Sawyer is considered by many to be the foremost figure in Bahamian Journalism. When asked how his accomplishments affect his approach to his work he stated, I never allow myself to be satisfied with or gloat about past accomplishments.  There is a constant thirst for better.  I’m in a perpetual race with myself to be a better version of the past.  I never allow myself to become complacent in the now.  Each day I’m challenged with the ethos of “how can I do this better?

Mr. Sawyer is currently being featured as part of the Cable Bahamas Groups Committed to Excellence campaign. He shared that excellence is something he requires from both himself and the members of his team. My mother use to say “give it your best, even when you think no one is watching”. I try to live by that every day.   It’s easy to do enough or to be mediocre.  It’s also one of the greatest insults I can encounter.  Excellence takes effort.  It’s not enough to just show up and so I never just show up, for anything.  I always come prepared to give 150% even when I don’t feel like it. 

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