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Lauren Campbell, A Millennial Making Waves in The Cable Bahamas Group

Get to know the women at the heart of the IT and Engineering departments within the Cable Bahamas Group.

The Cable Bahamas Group of companies is hoping to create a positive stir by highlighting the women who design, support and maintain the critical telecoms technology that keeps our country connected. The company hopes that this six week campaign, which was strategically designed as a lead-in to International Womens Day (March 8th, 2022) will serve to boost interest and celebrate excellence in the historically male-dominated fields of engineering and technology.

The latest Woman in Technology being featured by the Cable Bahamas Group isLauren Campbell, a Senior Program Engineer who has set herself apart as a millennial making waves in the field of telecommunications in The Bahamas. 

I find it rewarding to be a part of the best evolving and improving network in the country.  Being able to see the hard work that my team and I have invested, come to life is one of the most rewarding parts of my work.Ms. Campbell said during a recent interview.

Despite her love of her current role within the Cable Bahamas Group, a career in telecommunications was never on Ms. Campbell’s radar. She initially began her career journey in the field of Marine Engineering but due to an accident while on a break from her studies she was unable to continue. Hoping to chart a new course within the technology world, she found herself with the exciting opportunity to join the Aliv team. She noted, Joining the wireless department in Aliv was a turning point in my journey. There was new technology that I had to learn, but I am always up for a challenge and learning new materials. I realized that would be able to continue hands on work while expanding my critical thinking skills with this new venture.

Ms. Campbell recounted some of the early milestones in her journey that cemented her desire to continue with the Cable Bahamas Group. I appreciated having my opinion valued during a brainstorming meeting as well as being acknowledged by my supervisor for the idea. That was a confidence boost for me. It reassured me that I was able to hold my own in a new environment. Also, being entrusted with the CapEx portfolio for the wireless department as a young person was something that really humbled me.

When it comes to Laurens recipe for success, she says the formula is simple. You need, dedication and willingness to continue learning, a great work ethic, awareness of your value and a willingness to make others see it as well, and do not give up on yourself.

When asked about her thoughts on the Cable Bahamas Groups Women in Engineering and Technology campaign, she had this to say.

I am honored to be highlighted by the Cable Group. I am eager to see this initiative grow and expand its reach. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be in the engineering and technology field, sadly there was not a lot of spotlight placed on women to provide positive inspiration. With this initiative I am hopeful that at least one young female would find inspiration from any of the highlighted women to fulfill her dreams of entering the technology field. We have come a long way but still have miles to go.

 Lauren offers this advice to young women considering a career in technology.

Do what makes you happy! There is no such thing as a male job. If it is something that you are passionate about, pursue it! Nothing is worst than having that feeling of regret for not, at the very least, trying.

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