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Letisha Sands celebrated as Woman in Technology by Cable Bahamas Group

Get to know the women at the heart of the IT and Engineering departments within the Cable Bahamas Group


The Cable Bahamas Group of companies continue to shine the spotlight on the women who lead and support  the IT and Engineering departments for the nations leading telecoms provider.  

The latest ‘Woman in Technology’ to be featured by CBL group is Ms. Letisha Sands. Ms. Sands is a Cisco Security Certified, IT Security and Compliance Analyst.  

Upon her graduation from college she started her career journey as a technical support technician, assisting REV customers with cable TV and internet related issues. After working in the call center for a few years she was presented with the opportunity to transition into the role of Systems Administrator. This position offered her greater exposure to more diverse technology and ultimately expanded her skillset.  

“I learned so much during that time, from the staging and configuration of servers, laptops, and pc’s, to troubleshooting system issues, learning about new applications including backup solutions and SAN technology, just to name a few.  This area allowed me to utilize some of the skills and knowledge that I had learned while in college.” 

She later moved into the role of an application support specialist and most recently to IT Security and Compliance Analyst with the installation of a cyber security department within Cable Bahamas. “I was highly motivated and eager to hit the ground running as an IT Security and Compliance Analyst. I consider this area to be very dynamic, challenging, and full of opportunities to grow my knowledge and skills, all while doing my part to ensure that our company’s systems, infrastructure, applications, and data remain secure and protected.” 

When asked what she found most rewarding about her work she said, “I see myself as kind of cyber police officer helping to protect, secure and monitor against our company’s cyber threats; as well as helping to educate my fellow team members with preventative tips that will help to keep them vigilant against cyber risks, threats, and dangers which we are all exposed to by bad actors.” 

Ms. Sands noted that she was ecstatic to be included in the Cable Bahamas Group’s Women in Technology initiative. “I am over the moon excited and ecstatic to be highlighted by the Cable group.  It not only shines the light on myself and my accomplishments, but it also highlights eight fierce, phenomenal, and talented women in the field of technology. I believe this provides a beacon of hope to all little girls and young women out there wanting to pursue a career within the Engineering & Technology field that once they work hard and remain focused, they too can achieve great success as women in Technology! 

She had this advice to offer to women in technology, “Never allow yourself to be intimidated by the strong male presence within the industry; never question your abilities, always believe in yourself and your potential, work hard, stay focused, and never give up because they too can achieve great success as women in Technology!”

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