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PTT Essential Service during COVID-19

ALIV, the nation’s fastest growing mobile telecommunications company offers the Push to Talk (PTT) Cloud Based Unified Solution as a key service, enabling multiple point to point communication methods for businesses over the ALIV LTE data network.

This PTT service has proven to be an essential tool during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift from the pre-pandemic work from the office and learn in the classroom world to the current work and learn from the home environment demonstrates the necessity for this service.

Businesses are doing their best to self-isolate while still managing remotely.  PTT service has helped to ensure that teams are able to efficiently manage their offices, stay connected and communicate simultaneously with one another if needed, with the simple push of a button.

Coralie Adderley, Managing Director of the Kidney Center commented on the positive impact that the Push to Talk service has had on their operations.  “The PTT system has allowed our team to stay connected.  Before we had the PTT, we found that with one particular center, phones were being damaged frequently.   However, what is appealing to us with PTT is how sturdy the devices are.  Additionally, persons using it in the field like the feature that it is more than a cell phone and it keeps everyone easily connected.”

The multiple features offered through the PTT service provide businesses with increased openness, transparency and efficiency, while also helping companies achieve greater productivity. In addition to sophisticated workforce management and ring-fencing capabilities, when implemented, the ‘Fleet Dispatcher’ not only has the ability to audibly communicate with individuals who hold the device, but can also lock the device if required.

Delmaro Duncombe, Head of Small & Medium Business states “Aliv, by way of Cable Bahamas’ Business Solutions Team understands the immediate need for companies who require a mobile workforce, especially during these times.  We are proud to offer our PTT service as a cost effective option for business owners as the device cost is far less than a traditional two-way radio and therefore provides an affordable communication solution.  Additionally, the PTT service is easily configured and tailored to meet specific needs of local business owners.  Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prepared and committed to creating customized solutions for business owners giving them the opportunity to establish how they would ideally want a mobile workforce plan integrated into their day to day operations.”

PTT devices are programmed to allow 2-way communication throughout the length and breadth of Aliv’s entire LTE network, anywhere in The Bahamas.  Service can also be accessed via Wi-Fi connection locally or internationally.

The service is live and available by contacting Delmaro Duncombe, Head of Small & Medium Business at

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