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REV CEO Delivers Keynote Address at BSHRM Executive Board Installation

Franklyn Butler II offers pivotal insights to Human Resource Professionals

On Thursday January 28th, 2021 The Bahamas Society for Human Resource Management hosted its 2021 Executive Board Installation. Mr. Franklyn Butler II, CEO of The Cable Bahamas Group of Companies delivered the keynote address on the topic: Disrupting The Present. Securing The Future.

The astute businessman and entrepreneur took the opportunity to share wisdom from his unique perspective, shaped by his experience as both, owner, investor and Chief Executive of multiple large scale enterprises. Mr. Butler’s remarks centered around the vital importance of ‘Elevating Employees’ particularly in the face of unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wellington Hepburn, President of the Bahamas Society of Human Resources Management, expressed his gratitude for Mr. Butler’s contribution to the event saying, “Mr. Butler did an outstanding job addressing the HR Professionals that attended our BSHRM 2021 Executive Board Installation. As an Executive Leader, Franklyn has a profound appreciation for the role that Human Resources plays in influencing overall business performance. Through his ten “Ideas and Actions for HR Leaders” he was able to share his insight, as a well as practical tips, to shift the knowledge and capability of the HR Professionals in attendance virtuaIly.

In keeping with BSHRM’s 2021 theme, his wisdom empowered us to “disrupt our present thinking” and move toward “securing the future” through leveraging technology, understanding our CEOs’ concerns and anticipating industry changes, to list some recommendations.”

The goal of the BSHRM is to consolidate Human Resources Professionals in a national organization with the aim of promoting the development of the human resources nationally and maintaining high standards of professionalism throughout The Bahamas. The event which was sponsored in part by REV, had more than 40 Human Resource professionals in attendance both in person and online.

Mr. Butler discussed his contribution to the meeting stating, “I am always happy to participate in events like these and share the insights I’ve gleaned along my entrepreneurial journey. Over the course of my career I have had the privilege of seeing how businesses run from a plethora of perspectives and shared conversations with scores of industry leaders and one thing is critically clear, businesses are only as good as team of professionals keeping them running. I commend the BSHRM on the work they do, and events like these which invest in human capital, our most important resource. I am also pleased to have REV participate in the event as a corporate sponsor. We believe any investment to the progress and development of Bahamian professionals, is money well spent.”

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