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Roam Like You Never Left Home!

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions Launches New Innovative Mobile Plans for Businesses


The new value packed suite of Liberty Executive Plans by Cable Bahamas Business Solutions has now made it easier for business clients to talk, text and use data stress free while traveling.

Beginning February 1, 2021, ‘business travel has just got easier’ for all corporate mobile clients who can ‘roam like they never left home’ with unlimited talk, text and data while traveling to the USA and Canada.

For businesses now recalibrating and returning to their travel routine after a year of lockdowns, the all-NEW suite of Liberty Executive plans is designed to help cut cost.

Mobile corporate clients are set to save a significant amount of cost on their telecommunications bill all while improving their business travel experience.

Cable Bahamas Business Solutions recognizes that businesses have had a hard year and has tailor-made these plans to provide an uncomplicated and unmatched experience.

With plans as low as $84.99 Cable Bahamas Business Solutions has made it easy for clients to stay connected while getting more of the best network with the best deals.

Delmaro Duncombe, Head of Small & Medium Innovations at Cable Bahamas Business Solutions described this new suite of executive plans as a game changer for businesses adding that he is very excited for the launch of these plans.

This suite, he said, is arguably the single most anticipated value-added feature since the time cell phone services became available in The Bahamas.

“Our suite of Liberty Executive plans now gives our customers more of what they need for stress free travel to the US or Canada. Our corporate Liberty Executive, Liberty Executive Pro and Liberty Executive Pro Travel plans now include roaming with no added fees”, he said.

Duncombe said, “A valued added benefit of this magnitude establishes ALIV as a trailblazer in The Bahamas’ telecoms market, and our sales team at Cable Bahamas Business Solutions is poised and ready to share more details on how business travel just got easier with ALIV corporate mobile plans.”.

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