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SmartTerm Learning Management Solution

The world of learning is changing and Cable Bahamas Business Solutions’ (CBBS) new SmartTerm packages are leading the charge in ensuring students, parents and educators have the innovative tools needed for success.

SmartTerm is a learning management system that makes tracking, managing, and monitoring all aspects of learning easy.

Administrators can streamline operations which enables better organization and data reliability.

The scalable, efficient and reliable solutions for managing student information and digital learning are the best in the region.

Teachers can share assignments, upload syllabi, create discussion boards and teach via video conferencing. The integrated system also allows educators to track and provide insights on student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.

As online learning is new to many students CBBS’ new SmartTerm platform makes it easy for students of all ages to retrieve information, receive updates and complete assignments online.

Delmaro Duncombe, Head of Small & Medium Innovations at Cable Bahamas Business Solutions described SmartTerm as the most cost effective and efficient solution for schools to continue thriving in this digital transition of education.

“The SmartTerm platform places students, administrators and teachers on a world class system that is globally competitive yet simple to use.”, he said.

This system, he said, places schools on the cutting edge of the 21st century learning landscape.

SmartTerm is accessible on any browsing device via any browser and the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for Android Devices.

For schools who’ve had to recalibrate due to the COVID-19 pandemic SmartTerm offers affordable flexible plans that’s completely customizable.

While private demonstrations are available CBBS is hosting a webinar Thursday April 29th, 2021, for educators to examine the platform, ask questions, and see first hand how SmartTerm can benefit their school.

For more information, you can also contact or call our sales department at 242-601-8911 in Nassau or 242-602-8811 in the Family Islands.

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