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Think Beyond Webinar Series (Featuring Min. Thompson)

Since the launch of the initial “Think Beyond” webinar series in May 2020, Cable Bahamas Business Solutions continues to drive interest through their bi-weekly discussions to help inspire business owners/leaders in our community to “Think Beyond” today’s business challenges.  These webinars provide a valuable source of knowledge and insights shared by subject matter experts, as business owners across the nation were forced to quickly re-evaluate their business processes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and embrace digital transformation tools to avoid the risk of their company being left behind.

More so than ever before and as a part of our new norm, it is evident that technology has found its way into many layers of business and we are likely to continue to see advancements into business operations on a deeper level.  From the integration of digital wallets, e-commerce, etc. to the introduction of digital platforms that provide ease of services.

“As the industry leader, we are committed to providing the necessary support to businesses having to adjust to the “new way” of operating in this existing Covid-19 environment,” say Charnette Thompson, Vice-President of Business Innovations for Cable Bahamas Ltd.  “The solutions we offer provide flexibility in the ability to work remotely, securely and efficiently.  We are happy to work with our customers to identify the best tools, practices, and migration strategies to holistically transform their organizations with solutions such as our Bahamas Cloud, Hosted PBX, Mobile & Fixed Solutions.

In our most recent “Think Beyond” discussion, we addressed Digitization and Tech Advancement and the impact that has on the business community.  Joining the conversation was the Senator, Honorable Kwasi Thompson, Minister of State for Finance, GB., Franklyn Butler, CEO of Cable Bahamas Group of Companies (CBG), Damian Blackburn, CAO of Aliv Ltd. and Charnette Thompson, Vice-President of Business Solutions for Cable Bahamas.

As noted in the discussion, digital transformation and culture change need to go hand-in-hand.  With organizations transforming and modernizing their tools and software in lockstep with the adoption of agile practices.  By aligning the organizations around a transformation strategy while streamlining and simplifying outdated tools and processes, we support better performance and collaboration.

“When Digital transformation is done right it is an economic accelerant,” stated Min. Thompson.  “This is why the government has made digitization a number one priority, and it just happens to be a priority I am personally passionate about and proud to be driving.  It is a key pillar of our economic recovery and it is also a key pillar of our economic growth.”

Franklyn Butler, CEO of CGC commented, “Now, more than ever, the digital transformation is the force to move businesses forward.  Having the right technologies will be the driver for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and thrive.” Mr. Butler also encouraged the private sector to do more to facilitate click to collect or deliver processes locally as illustrated by innovations from Solomon’s Fresh Market or Kraven, or pay digitally via Kanoo or Island Pay. He said it should be as easy to shop and collect or deliver locally as it is to use Amazon, eBay and other commercial platforms.

It is with this understanding that Cable Bahamas Buisness Solutions along with ALIV, the nation’s fastest growing Telecommunications Company, have joined forces with local pioneers in introducing the “Join the Click” campaign. Through this campaign, we are able to highlight the solutions that have allowed our partners to effectively transition using the digital platforms and technologies that are offered by both Cable Bahamas Business Solutions and Aliv Ltd.


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