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Ultimate Business Makeover Launch

In a strategic move that reflects the ongoing commitment to growth, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to our customers, Cable Bahamas Business Solutions (CBBS) is thrilled to announce its transition to “Aliv Business.” This evolution marks a significant chapter in the company’s journey, as it positions itself as the sister company to Aliv, a renowned brand known as the nation’s quad-play leader in telecommunications and innovations.

The rebranding to Aliv Business is not just a name change, but a comprehensive realignment of Cable Bahamas Ltd. and Group of Companies.   With its new identity, Aliv Business is poised to offer an enhanced range of business solutions, drawing inspiration from the synergies between the two brands.  In conjunction with this rebranding, Aliv Business will introduce their newest version of Business In A Box (BIAB) that is designed to help Small & Medium Businesses facilitate effective communication, customer engagement, and business expansion.

Today, along with Easy Car Sales, our Title Partner and supporting partners, Aliv Business is excited to unveil the “Ultimate Business Makeover.” This 12-week campaign is intended to give businesses nationwide an opportunity to enhance their office operations with a comprehensive and updated BIAB bundle offer.  

“Embracing transformation and fostering growth are at the core of Aliv Business’s mission,” stated Charnette Thompson, Vice President of Aliv Business.  “The Ultimate Business Makeover campaign represents our unwavering commitment to equipping businesses with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With this campaign, we are not only offering solutions; we are igniting a journey of innovation and empowerment. Businesses can look forward to a holistic transformation that encompasses strategy, technology, and sustainability, as we pave the way for a brighter, greener future.”

The Ultimate Business Makeover will allow businesses to thrive in the digital age, with key services bundled in an exclusive BIAB package.  Customers signing up or upgrading their current BIAB package will have a chance to WIN cash and prizes valued over $90K, including a brand new JAC Electric SUV, compliments of Easy Car Sales.

“We are very pleased to partner with Aliv Business on the Ultimate Business Makeover to encourage more efficient and sustainable solutions for businesses”, commented Pia Farmer, Managing Partner of Easy Car Sales. “By adopting new technologies and choosing more economical and reliable electric transportation, businesses can drastically reduce their operating costs and improve their bottom line. EVs can give your brand the edge in today’s competitive business environment, and customers will appreciate your company’s commitment to a greener future.”


The Ultimate Business Makeover campaign embodies Aliv Business’s commitment to revolutionizing the business landscape through innovation and strategic partnerships.  By offering the “Go Green Electric Car Giveaway,” Cable Bahamas Ltd. and Group and Aliv Business underscores its dedication to sustainability while supporting businesses in adopting eco-friendly practices.

Central to this campaign is the recognition that modern businesses need both strategic solutions and a sustainable mindset to thrive. The Go Green Electric Car Giveaway reflects the common commitment of all partners to environmental responsibility and its desire to reward businesses that share this commitment.

“At Cable Bahamas Ltd. and by extension, Aliv Business, we’re happy to introduce the Ultimate Business Makeover campaign with the Go Green Electric Car Giveaway at its heart,” said Edward Duncombe, Vice President of Human Resources for Cable Bahamas Ltd. and the Group of Companies.  “This initiative showcases our belief in holistic business transformation that includes not only innovative solutions but also sustainability.”

Partners for this campaign include Think Simple, Huawei, Royal Bank of Canada, Bahamasair, The Tribune Media Group (Y-98/100 Jamz & The Tribune), Sign Island, SunCash, Margaritaville, Kanoo, SBDC, Aliv and OurNews. 

Ultimate Business Makeover Launch

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