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REV Public Notice

Pursuant to Rule 15.1 of the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s Regulation of Retail Prices for SMP Operators – Rules [ECS 06/2014], Cable Bahamas Ltd. wishes to inform its REVTV subscribers that it will launch its REVGO Play App 14 calendar days from today.

REVTV subscribers can expect the following:

  1. REVGO Play will be made available to all REVTV subscribers at no additional cost;
  2. The app will be available to all mobile subscribers, irrespective of their mobile provider (data charges may vary based on provider);
  3. Delivery of up to 50 live TV channels, and 12 local radio stations depending on their TV subscription package and on up to three devices at one time;
  4. Only local broadcast channels will be available to users outside The Bahamas;
  5. The option to record a total of twenty hours of programming from up to 31 available nDVR channels;
  6. Additional key features include nDVR, catch up and restart TV;

Customers can contact REV Support on 1-242-300 2200 or visit here for additional information.

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