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Cable Bahamas Group Seeks to Empower Women in Technology

Beverly Saunders Vice President of Human Resources for the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies shares about why the media conglomerate is prioritizing women in leadership.
The conversation regarding women in leadership, particularly within the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is one that is rapidly increasing within our region and the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies seeks to position itself as a leader in that discourse. The nations premier telecommunications company recently celebrated more than 25 years in the business filled with major milestones including advancements and maintaining its position as brand leader in technology and service. These achievements could not have been attained without an excellent team of dedicated professionals who have offered their brilliance, agility and commitment to providing their consumer base with the best product possible. In 2022 the Cable Bahamas Group wants to highlight the women in strategic leadership positions, particularly in those fields largely occupied by men who have made major contributions to its success.  
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Cable Bahamas Group Supports Webinar Educating Teens on Gender Based Violence

The communications conglomerate partnered with —- Sorority on the initiative to discourage gender based violence.
The Cable Bahamas Group partnered with the Nassau Bahamas Alumna Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. for their recent Lunch and Learn event, discussing Gender Equality with Teens. The webinar was part of their overarching campaign being hosted in tandem with the global initiative observed on November 25 known as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The webinar featured a special presentation from Dr.Carlos Reid, Pastor of The Hope Center which discussed effective means of conflict resolution, showing value and respect to all genders and the importance of noticing the signs of abuse and working to prevent gender based violence.
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Cable Bahamas fully supports partnership on MARCO Alerts system

Initial technical testing on Marco Alerts system very positive Mr. Dwayne Davis, Chief Information Officer for the Cable Bahamas Group of companies confirmed that initial testing of the MARCO alert system were successful for Cable Bahamas  on Monday November 15th. The MARCO alert which stands for Mandatory Aggressive Action for Rescuing Children Operation (MARCO) alert system was established after the murder of 11-year old Marco Archer in 2011 after he went missing near his home. The system is designed to alert citizens across The Bahamas electronically when a child goes missing to heighten public awareness and increase the chances of recovering them safely. This system will allow for broadcast messages to be deployed over various platforms including cellphones, pagers, emails, and television channels countrywide. Following recent remarks by the Minister of National Security Mr. Wayne Munroe Aliv continued to demonstrate its commitment to support local law enforcement and to deepen its commitment as a world class partner in corporate and social responsibility by moving ahead with its initial testing of the system.  liv representatives have indicated that several more tests of the system are required before full deployment but Mr. Davis alluded to a positive initial test during a recent interview. “Today the Aliv Engineering team was able to successfully test the alert system in a limited environment over a short period of time.  We anticipate a full test with the Ministry of National Security very shortly.” The head of country’s fastest growing mobile provider expressed gratitude for its working relationship with the Ministry of National Security and creators of the MARCO alert. Mr. John Gomez CEO of Aliv stated, “The Aliv team stands ready and committed to assist The Ministry of National Security along with social service agencies with any efforts that help protect children in the Bahamas. We extended critical support to the development of this initiative because the safety of our nation’s children is critical to us all. We are pleased with the system’s performance so far and we look forward to further testing in alternate environments.” The official rollout of the MARCO Alert technology is expected within the next few weeks.
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